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Each shoe is rendered with outstanding detail and the textures are phenomenal. This really is no surprise. And also you can buy nba 2k17 coins from our site. If you paid close attention, the sneakers in NBA Live 16 were also rendered well. These screenshots also confirm the rumored inclusion of the Drew League venue in the game.



If the initial rumor is true, The Goodman League and Dyckman may also be playable courts as well. And also you can get cheap mt from our site. I'd expect those courts to be used primarily–if not exclusively in the game's Live Pro-Am and Summer Circuit modes.

While the sneakers look great and the inclusion of street courts is exciting, I can't ignore one legacy issue I still see with the player models. These lower body shots are showing the ill-formed calves and ankles on the players. For whatever reason, the renders still feature players with calves that sit too high on their legs with this undefined space between the calf and the ankle.

Not every part of the render needs to be perfect. To that point, I was very dissatisfied with a few of the body types in NBA 2K17 (skinny guys, I'm looking at you), but overall, most of the players looked a tad more realistic than Live's previous renders. Hopefully, an extended look will deliver a little more satisfaction with NBA Live 18. The game will be on display at EA Play from June 10-12, so most questions will be answered at that point.


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