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The NBA Finals don’t begin until Thursday — a full week after the conference finals ended — and the wait was fine for a day or two. It is no longer fine. It is excruciating.

For many of us, the break is a welcome reprieve from over a month of near-nightly basketball. Two or three open evenings? and also you can buy nba 2k17 coins from our site. Some quality, uninterrupted time with family? More productivity in other areas of life? Wonderful.

But a full week off!? Nobody signed up for this. The weekend, which will bleed into the first three days of next week, feels empty. Game 1 feels ages away. And the intermission between the warm-up act and the real show isn’t crammed with anticipation because, well, intermission has basically lasted nine months. 

Don’t just watch highlights. Watch the full thing. Start to finish. I’ve done it, and trust me, 11 months later, it’s still such a magnificent spectacle. and also you can get nba 2k17 mt from our site. It was one of the most dramatic games in NBA history, and it’s obviously extremely relevant heading into the rematch.

Thanks to dozens of wonderful, kind-hearted people on the internet, you can find high-quality, not-necessarily-legal-but-who-cares replays of the game online. Some of them cut right through the commercials, so you’re only dedicating an hour and a half to the game, not three hours. It’ll be an hour and a half well spent.



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