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The NBA 2016-2017 playoffs here. Once again, 2K simulates the NBA playoffs using the NBA 2K17 mt coins engine. 2K’s past simulations are said to have yielded rather correct results and now we look forward to seeing what may transpire in this year’s playoffs.

First off, the West first round saw four very close games between Portland Trailblazers and the Golden State Warriors. In all four games, Golden State managed to inch out a victory for a clean sweep. The Clippers played the Jazz through all seven nba 2k17 games and eventually took their fourth victory.

Secondly, in the East first round there was some action many did not expect. It took Boston all seven games to put away the seed eight Bulls. Washington went 4-2 against the Hawks and following Golden State’s lead, Toronto made a clean sweep of their own against the Bucks in four tight games. Lastly, the Cavs put away the Pacers in 6. Although Houston stood their ground firmly, it only took Golden State five games to walk out heading to the cheap NBA 2k17 mt coins finals to meet the Cleveland Cavaliers for a third time.

A third straight showdown between the two looked to be a good way to  put an end to the ongoing rivalry. For a straight year it would come down to game seven after a grueling series. Succeeding where they lost, Golden State would pull out a victory on home turf, earning a bit of redemption and closing out the NBA 2k17 xbox one mt 2016-2017 playoffs simulation. 

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