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The Knicks shot 60 per cent in the first half and turned it over to their defence to start the second, pitching a shutout for more than seven minutes to start the third quarter.

The Pistons had already lost to Brooklyn, Chicago and Orlando during what should have been a favourable portion of their schedule to mount a playoff push, and coach Stan Van Gundy said his players were frustrated because of how badly their offence was struggling.

"Listen, I cannot imagine that you're at Georgetown and you don't hire Patrick Ewing. I think that they're incredibly fortunate that he would think about leaving the NBA 2k17 mt coins to take that job," said Van Gundy, who believes Ewing should've had an NBA head coaching opportunity by now.

"He's got the full package. I can't imagine even what he'd be missing in that package. He's got everything. And also you can buy nba 2k17 ps4 mt from many sites. He's got the connection to the school, he's got the coaching ability, he's got the name recognition that will get him in any home in America recruiting and allow him to close the deal with just about anybody."

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