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For fans of the NBA in the last few seasons, the regular season has been a sort of anti-climactic affair. And also you can buy nba 2k17 mt coins from many sites. In the last two seasons, it’s been the Warriors and Cavs and then everybody else, with both locking down the top seeds in the East and West pretty early on, and never relinquishing. But while we sit here in the second week of March, with just one month left in the regular season, things are far from that clear.


It’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen a more confusing top of the NBA. With Durant out, both of the cream looks very beatable, and we’re setting ourselves up for a terrific race to the end of the season, and some soul-searching for a new identity. Some changes have rocked the NBA 2k17 coins landscape, and the top-tier of the NBA hasn’t been closer to the pack in a long time. 



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